The CITE360 design studio is a collaborative team of uniquely skilled professionals who complement one another in a shared effort to deliver high quality design and project management to all of our clients. The open studio environment facilitates communication, knowledge sharing and design critiques, and generally contributes to having fun together as a team which is at the heart of our culture.

Bob Croft

Architect | Managing Partner

Principal Architect and Managing Director with CITE360studio, Bob provides senior leadership with over 30 years of experience in complex building design including health care, joint-use and northern projects. Bob brings extensive knowledge of health care administration from his former position as facilities planner with the Saskatchewan Department of Health.

LeeAnn Croft

Architect | Principal

Architect and Design Studio Principal with CITE360studio, LeeAnn has a passion for making beautiful, functional spaces for people to live, work and learn in. A graduate of McGill University, LeeAnn has worked in Montreal, New York and Regina since 2003. She is experienced in health care, hospitality, education, retail, multi-family residential, and commercial design, and has been the recipient of two Premier’s Design Awards as well as a national ICSC award for retail design among others.

Brad Pegg

Senior Technologist | Principal

Senior Technologist and Production Principal, Brad has a comprehensive background in CAD architectural drafting, computer modeling and rendering, topographical, cartological and G.I.S drafting. With over 20 years’ experience, Brad’s extensive CAD drafting and 3D modeling skills lend invaluable technical support to the design team.

Jurgen Hartloper

Senior Architect

Senior Architect, Jurgen brings nearly 30 years of experience ranging from historic renovations to assembly and institutional occupancies, multi-family housing and retail projects. Jurgen also has extensive experience in project management and integrated design, and brings a rigor to the production and contract administration side of projects.

Jim Steeves

Designer at Large

As a principal designer for CITE360studio, and now Designer at large as he moved into retirement, Jim specializes in the design and administration of corporate and commercial interior design projects. Translating the design concept into technical terms is one of Jim’s strengths, and it is his keen understanding of the intricate detail necessary to implement the design and to oversee the construction process that creates success in his work.

Nathan Brenner

Project Manager

A University of Regina and SAIT alumnus, Nathan has worked throughout Western Canada and joined the CITE360studeio team as a Project Manager and Architectural Consultant. With diverse experience in urban master planning, hospitality, retail and high-rise office projects, as well as single and multi-family residential, Nathan strives to incorporate aesthetics, functionality and constructability into a single statement.

Seanna Guillemin


Seanna earned a Bachelor of Architectural Science from Ryerson University with a major in building science. She has experience in industrial, commercial, and institutional projects both in schematic and developed design. Seanna is a detail oriented individual and, due to her partial degree in painting, she is well trained in spatial and visual relationships with a strong technical knowledge in design.

Nicole Kell

Interior Designer

Nicole brings a fresh perspective to interior design at CITE360studio with a Masters of Interior Design from HKU University of the Arts Utrect (Netherlands), as well as a Bachelors of Environmental Design from Dalhousie. Nicole is a creative and forward thinker, always challenging the expected; with experience in Hospitality, Commercial, and Civic Buildings, as well as Multi-Unit Residential and Education projects, Nicole brings out-of-the-box thinking to functional design.

Makenzie Costabile

Project Support

Makenzie earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of McGill, majoring in Geography with a concentration in spatial and demographic analysis. She has considerable experience working with government, health care, and education projects, both operational and in development. She provides thorough, detailed, and thoughtful support to carry projects to completion, and is furthering her studies in the RAIC Syllabus program.

Gaylene Troesch

Accounting Manager

Accounting Manager with CITE360, Gaylene brings rigor and discipline to the administrative component of project management, and provides exceptional office support to the team.